Dublin Animation Film Festival

A Blue Gentleman & A Red Haired Cat

Suzie Templeton Workshop

Min Young Oh
Anni Oja


In progress

These are sub characters of my (secret) TV animation or cartoon.
Still in development, and it has a really complicated storyline so I have no idea when I can make this. But I will definitely give them life! Hopefully soon...


Betta Fish

I had forgotten how much I love to draw pictures.
Copied from a picture of betta fish.


Life And Death, Kids Say

Life And Death is the second episode that I worked for "Kids Say"
Unlike the Siblings episode, some kids have very metaphysical thoughts, some kids are very cynical about what death means to them and some kids are just very happy about their life.
I'm really curious what they will say after 5 or 10 years about their childhood thoughts.

No matter what they said, somehow their answers gave me a very optimistic view about life.

Here are some still shots of the episode.  

Siblings, Kids Say

I've been working for about 4 months on two animations for a Hong Kong TV channel.
The show is called "Kids Say" and the first episode I worked on is titled Siblings.
Kids spoke their minds about a certain topic and the director, Lilian Fu, recorded their voices to make these animations. They talked about their siblings. They argued and fought a lot, but still they loved each other and cared about their siblings a lot.
It was such a lovely heart warming project.

Here is the still shots of the episode.